Our Courses

Project Related Training

Project Cycle Management (PCM)

It is for all project staffs/officers to get overview of projects.

Monitoring and Evaluation (M&E)​

It is for M&E Persons or Project Managers. It will boost your M&E Knowledge.

Monitoring, Evaluation, Accountability and Learning (MEAL)​

It is also for M&E Persons. It will also introduce you about Quality and Accountability.

Basic Report Writing

It is targeted to Basic and Middle Level of Project Staffs. It will help you to begin writing effective reports.

Advance Report Writing​

It is targeted to High level of Project Staffs. It will enhance your effective report writing skill efficiently.

Log-frame Based Proposal Writing​

It is for proposal writer who need to write logical framework-based Proposal.

Skill & Attitude Training

Training for Trainers (TOT)​

It was design for facilitative trainers in any working area. It will enhance your training facilitation knowledge and skill to get more participation of learners

Facilitation Skill for Process Facilitator​

It was design for facilitative trainers in any working area. It will enhance your training facilitation knowledge and skill to provide more participation of learners

Process Facilitation for Meeting, Workshop and Forum​

It is also for process facilitators. It was designed to become professional facilitator for Meetings, Workshops and Forums.

Organizational Communication​

It includes foundational communication concepts, enhancing team spirit, organization development concepts and structuing organization communication systems.

Presentation and Public Speaking Skill

It was designed for anyone who need to present in front of public. It included tips for public speaking, presenting effectively by using audio-visual aids, practicing public speaking.

The way of thinking out of the box (Creative Thinking)

The training is for anyone who want to think creatively (out of the box). It included foundational concepts of Creative Thinking and Tools/techniques to generate out of the box ideas.

Problem Solving and Decision Making

The training is for Leaders or Managers who have to face with problems and decision making. It included understanding problem & problem-solving process, differentiation of problem solving and decision making, tools and selective skills to solve problem, critical points of effective decision making.

Leadership and Management

The training includes understanding leadership and Management, applying powers, Understanding Different Leadership Styles.

Emotional Intelligence for Leaders​

The training was designed to promote Emotional Intelligence of Leaders/ Managers. The course was based on “Emotional Intelligence 2.0” Book.

Team Building Games for Organizational Retreat​

The training is only sharing different types of Games. After the training, participants will be able to facilitate Team Building Games in Organization Retreat.

Effective Team Management​

The training is for Leaders and Mangers. It will help to understand Team Spirit, managing different team members, Relationship Building and Team Decision Making.

Personal Development

The training is more focus on Character Ethic. The course was based on “7 Habits of Highly Effective People”.